Swift-llbuild: warning: ignoring broken symlink

Hi everyone,

I'm getting a weird warning when using the SPM. When I build my Swift package (A very simple test package) I get the following warning:

'llbuild' /Users/derik/Desktop/ap/.build/checkouts/swift-llbuild: warning: ignoring broken symlink /Users/derik/Desktop/ap/.build/checkouts/swift-llbuild/lib/llvm/Demangle/include/llvm/Demangle/include/llvm....--clipped--

If I check the .build directory it has a symlink cycle:

ls -l .build/checkouts/swift-llbuild/lib/llvm/Demangle/include/                                                  master * (06/30 17:42:01)
total 0
lrwxr-xr-x  1 derik  staff    24B Jun 30 17:38 llvm@ -> ../../../../include/llvm

I've tried removing the .build directory to start a clean build, but still the same. The package runs without a problem but I would prefer to remove the warning.

Anyone has any idea why is this happening?

There is a dependency on the swift-llbuild package. That package’s repository contains a broken circular symlink at some versions. SwiftPM complains about it while it’s trying to iterate directories looking for source files. The offending symlink has been removed from swift-llbuild’s master branch, but there is no escape from the annoying warning until another version is released.

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Ok, wait it is. Thanks for the insight