Swift in Linux couldn't be easier to install [Snap package]

I am posting under the Package Manager tag to acknowledge that SPM should probably be added to Snapcraft. io recipes.

Dear developers,

I have packaged the swift programming language as a snap and published (minutes ago) in the stable snapcraft channel. My testings were very limited, it will benefit from further tests.

Packaging it as a snap, means that the language becomes immediately available to most linux distributions (all that support snaps) in 64bit architecture. I am not a professional programmer, and did this for the community. Will be happy to hand the namespace upstream if anybody from Apple prefers to maintain it. But for the moment I can keep it updated, if needed.

Users need only one command:

snap install swift

And the language will be available for use. As far as I know, no other language is distributed in this cool new package system.

All the discussion that resulted in the snap can be found here, the (outdated) project page can be found here.

All the best,



Hi If,

The “Development” category is meant for development of the indicated components of the Swift open source project–in this case, Swift Package Manager. To communicate with users of Swift, you’ll want to post to the Using Swift category.

Thank you, fixed.

Thank you for taking the initiative to publish Swift as a snap package. To provide some further testing I installed the snap on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine as described in your post. The snap downloaded correctly, but when I tested Swift from the command line I received the ELFCLASS32 error which has me thinking that this may be a libc error. Have you seen this also?

Here is a screen shot:


No, I haven’t, it installed fine in my end, will try to find the problem and report back.

It sure looks like a libc error.

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Thank you. Will see if I can do some debugging on my end as well. Will post if I find anything.

This sounds awesome. Linux needs an easier setup overall (toolchains and dev environment), so this looks like a great push in the right direction.

I’m gonna test it (or try to) soon. Will send feedback if I do!