Swift-grammar 0.2.0 released

hi all, version 0.2.0 of swift-grammar is out now!

the swift-grammar 0.2 release is focused around broadening the library’s range of use cases over the v0.1.x releases, during which swift-grammar existed more or less to support swift-json and a handful of other parsers.

notably, swift-grammar v0.1.5 did not ship with a complete alphabet. it included only the definitions needed by its specific consumer packages. it was also not previously possible to disambiguate a name collision with one of the toplevel symbols in this module, since it defines a namespace enum of the same name as the module.

v0.2.0 of swift-grammar now ships with a complete ASCII table, and has deprecated the Grammar namespace enum, which we will be able to remove in v0.3.0. API has been carefully resettled into other namespaces, or (in a few cases) promoted to the toplevel, and migration typealiases have been added to help users transition.

v0.2.0 also adopts primary associated types (PATs). this feature is gated to swift >= 5.7; users building on older toolchains will receive a polyfill generated by swift-package-factory.

finally, v0.2.0 adds CI coverage for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and also adds CI coverage for nightly toolchains on macOS and linux.

we have also verified that every swiftpackageindex.com build is succeeding!

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