Swift Forums Statistics – How many developers/thread/posts?

I am currently writing the first issue of a new blog post series where I plan to give a monthly summary of interesting developments happened in the Swift Evolution forums. As an introduction in the first issue, I'd like to give a quick recap of the forums history.

Part of that I'd like to give rough number of how many developers have been participating in the Swift Evolution forums, how many threads have been opened and how many messages have been written. Is there any way I can look these numbers up myself? If not, can someone with access to this data give us some details? I'd personally be interested in the "Evolution" category stats in particular.

That would be really interesting to know & share. :+1:
Thanks in advance for any help. :pray:


There are some basic statistics on the About page.

Within a category, you can view the Top page for the last month.
(Click on column headings to order by replies or views.)

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@benrimmington Thank you, Ben! This helped a lot and I could give some numbers in the post I mentioned above. Here it is, it's a "Swift Evolution Monthly", in the first issue I wanted to give some extra background on the Evolution history:

why is users (10) lower than active users (793)? is it referring to new users?

It does seem to mean newly-created users, yes. I can see in the admin console that there were 10 users created in the last 24 hours.

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A replacement for Swift Weekly Brief is very welcome, but for people to get it in time, I think it must be in mailing list form like the former.

It’s not a replacement for the newsletter, for that it would need to be weekly, otherwise people would miss some reviews. It’s more like a summary for those who don’t have the time to engage rather than what the newsletter was doing. Maybe I’ll be able to do more end of the year, but for now this is all I can do due to the limited time I have.

I hope it’ll be useful to some nonetheless…

It's still not going to solve the "get it in time" use case, but I did just set this series up as a newsletter: