Swift for Windows 2.0 did not install completely. How do I Rectify?

I installed Swift for Windows 2.0 on my Windows 10 (x64). There were no installation errors but the compiler threw errors most of the time and it compiled only once which I could not repeat. It is displayed in the Control Panel's Programs and folders. I try to get its product code using PowerShell and it comes with 'not present' error. I see it in the Registry(Windows). It tries to install in C:. I have tried in both C:\ and C:\Program Files (x86) to no avail.
What do I do with it?

I believe that you have installed something else. Swift 2.0 did not support windows. You should follow the instructions on swift.org for installing swift. See Swift.org - Getting Started

It supports Windows X64.

I believe he is talking about Swift for WIndows, which is a third party project that predates official Swift support for Windows by a few years. Judging from their Github, it seems that the project hasn't had any activity since 2018.

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