Swift for command line projects


I have question, are there any libraries for doing command line work?

I know that there are some libraries for somethings.

??? means that I did not find any. But I am terrible at finding.. :smile:

  1. Argument Parser (from Apple). This library is excellent.
    2 . Progress.swift for progress bars. Very cool library,I am not sure if it is maintained?
  2. ??? for Cursor movement. If anyone knows a cursor library, that would be great. Thanks. (not e that cursor library means that you can move the cursor. I don't mean something as big as curses. If there is curses for Swift, that would be so cool. But a simple cursor library will do fine.)
  3. ??? for dialogs (Multiple choice on the command line. Things like that.). I am making a dialog library, but I would really need a cursor library. I would be grateful if anyone has a cursor library or a dialog library.

One question that does not need a library :smile: : Hoe do you get a raw key press without tying enter.

Hope you all have a nice day.


I’m not sure whether Text-based user interface (TUI) is what you asked for. (Console interfaces like Vim or mc has.)

If this is the case, check out this post about Termbox at Termobx swift repo.

I haven’t used it myself yet.