Swift extension method not accessible in Cpp using interop

I have a project implementing new interop mechanism and I m able to successfully invoke swift class method directly from swift. However, when I try to invoke the swift extension method it produces an error : No member named 'GetExtData' in 'InteropExtension::SwiftCode'

Below is my cpp code:

#include "CppSource.hpp"
#include "InteropExtension-Swift.h"

void CppSource::CppToSwiftCall()
    // successfull call
    //Below call is causing error. Why is swift extension method not invoked?


Below is my swift code:

import Foundation

public class SwiftCode {
    public static func GetClassData () -> String
        return "classMethod"

extension SwiftCode {
    public static func GetExtData () -> String
        return "ExtMethod"

Can someone helpout on why is the extension methods not being invoked, and how can I invoke it?

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