Swift Evolution Dashboard Support for Upcoming Feature Flags

The Swift Evolution Dashboard now includes support for Upcoming Feature Flags.

Swift 5.8 introduced the ability to enable upcoming features using a new compiler option: -enable-upcoming-feature followed by the name of the upcoming feature.

These upcoming feature identifiers are known as upcoming feature flags or UFFs for short.
(See SE-0362 for details)

With the update to the dashboard, you can now easily find all proposals with upcoming feature flags as well as the flag name to use for each feature.

You can use the Swift Evolution Dashboard to:

  • View a proposal’s UFF if it has one
  • Search for UFFs by name
  • Filter to view all proposals with a UFF

The new UFF filter button works in conjunction with the existing search field and status filter.

Thank you to @MarcoEidinger for filing the original issue on the swift-org-website project on Github and to everyone who provided feedback and comments in the issue and PR.

NOTE: Most proposals do not have an upcoming feature flag. They are only present for proposals with source-breaking syntax or behavior changes, allowing you to opt into the change now instead of the next major release of Swift.


Thanks for including a button to filter only for proposals with feature flags, that's super helpful!