Swift documentation site question

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the official language site Index of /swift-book/LanguageGuide point always to the most current version.
You can't figure out whether one thing is available in older versions of Swift when you reading the chapters on the site mentioned.
Take the example of "Concurrency". If you still develop with Xcode 12 under OSX 10.15 Catalina, there's no way to recognize that Tasks etc. are not available in the version of Swift which comes with Xcode 12.4.
Is there any way to point out the differences or generate a kind of marker which version is at least required to use the features which are described in the docs?
The revision history remarks are not enough in my opinion.

Or is there an doc archive which I still haven't found?

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There exists indirect ways to answer some of those questions.

For example, the Revision History of the Swift book tells that Concurrency was introduced with Swift 5.5:


Some websites help matching Swift versions with Xcode ones, such as Swift version, or the Xcode wikipedia page. Here, since concurrency was introduced in Swift 5.5, it starts from Xcode 13.0.

You can also use Swift Evolution. It says, for example, that "SE-0304 Structured concurrency" was implemented for Swift 5.5 (again, available from Xcode 13.0).

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There's also What's New in Swift if you can get past the complete lack of dark mode. It's got a complete list of all changes to the language since 1.0 up to 5.5.

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