Swift-DocC-Render migration plan to Vue 3

swift-docc-render currently depends on vue 2.6.14.

Do we have any plans to migrate to vue 3 since the last version of vue 2 (vue 2.7) will reach end of life by the end of 2023?

Vue 2.7, which was shipped in July 2022, is the final minor release of the Vue 2 version range. Vue 2 has now entered maintenance mode: it will no longer ship new features, but will continue to receive critical bug fixes and security updates for 18 months starting from the 2.7 release date. This means Vue 2 will reach End of Life by the end of 2023 .

Quoted from Frequently Asked Questions | Vue.js

cc @marcus_ortiz


We would like to, yes. I think it makes sense to try and stay as up-to-date as possible.

In the short term, we are currently in the process of updating to Vue 2.7 in anticipation of eventually making the update to v3. The v3 update will be a much bigger effort that will take some time to complete, however.

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