Swift-DocC is now included in Swift toolchains for both macOS and Linux

Hi everyone.

I’m happy to announce that Swift-DocC is now included in the Swift toolchains for both macOS and Linux as of swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2021-11-02-a.

You can download the latests Trunk Development (main) toolchains or pull the latest Docker tags to try out the latest changes on macOS and Linux without needing to build Swift-DocC from source.


Woohoo, thanks a lot!
Removing my "pull and build" workarounds from distributed actors immediately then, thanks! :+1:


:wave:t4: Hey David! Awesome news :100: Are there maybe plans to update the Swift LSP with support for symbol autocompletion so that folks writing Swift can document their code in a more streamlined way? Marin


Sounds like a great Jira ticket to file as a feature request! Can't say that we have specific plans in this area yet, but does sound like a good idea worth tracking.

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