[swift-docc] Help! How to use Swift-DocC to document application?


Using Xcode Version 13.0 (13A233), with default toolchain.
I added a documentation catalog to our iOS application project, to house articles about the application development practices/conventions of our team.

The problem is, after using "Build documentation" the doc-cat (plus the articles inside) never show up in the Xcode documentation browser.

Please tell me what am I doing wrong?
Is there any way to open the .docc file of our app?

Currently DocC only supports frameworks and packages so you can't use it to document an app. See the Readme on the DocC GitHub page for more details.

This can help you? Elevate your DocC documentation in Xcode - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer

You also need to make sure that the Swift Package you're documenting explicitly uses the tools-version: 5.5 otherwise the compiler won't emit the correct details