Swift data structue implementation

Hello everyone and mentor @lorentey , i'm 2nd year student of computer science student from India and new to open source. i'm familiar with c/c++, python and past one year i'm studied data structures for competitive programming for solving problems .I learned swift language .when i search all idea list in swift organization i found this project. i want to contribute in this project to implement the linear data structures in swift . Anyone help me how to get started with this project thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I think you should start with specify the data structures you will implement
As you mention above being a competitive programmer will help you to analysis the best practice for data structures implementations

okay but ,In which website should i share my draft proposal to get review by mentor of gsoc2021

You can share it with mentor @lorentey

Hi @bhupathi07!
You are doing the right thing by reaching out through the forums. Please don't be discouraged.

This specific topic has seen a lot of students applying and it is only 2 days remaining until the proposal submission deadline. I would recommend trying to come up with a proposal in a shape similar to swift-evolution/0000-swift-template.md at main ยท apple/swift-evolution ยท GitHub where you propose what data-structures you have in mind and what goals would be for the GSOC period.

Keep in mind that there isn't all that much time in the GSOC, so the project proposal should be realistic about the goals.

You should also refer to GitHub - apple/swift-collections: Commonly used data structures for Swift where the work would be happening and you can see some people collaborating there already.

@lorentey should be able to get back to you soon, during the US work week.

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