Swift Crypto 3.0.0

To accompany the release of the Xcode 15 GM, we have just tagged a release of Swift Crypto 3.0.0. This release brings Swift Crypto up-to-date with the new CryptoKit APIs added in the most recent Apple platform SDKs.

As you may have noticed already, we've tagged a new major version number. This is necessary under the semantic versioning rules because CryptoKit has extended its error enum, CryptoKitError, with new error cases. For the overwhelming majority of users, however, this API is backwards-compatible with the previous one: you really did have to be switching over that enumeration in order to encounter a breakage.

To that end, we encourage most users to take this update by widening their version range to include the 3.0.0 series. This can be done by changing your dependency to:

.package(url: "https://github.com/apple/swift-crypto.git", "1.0.0" ..< "4.0.0"),

Note that this lower version can float, so if you need features that were shipped in, say, _CryptoExtras, feel free to set the floor a little higher than 1.0.0.