Swift compiler library usage

Hey all, I was wondering if there was a way for me to use the swift compiler libraries (Swift.org - Swift Compiler) into my C++ project,

I tried searching for a sort of readme or some type of resources that'd explain how to use those in a cmake project but I couldn't find anything.

You can find some examples here: GitHub - compnerd/swift-cmake-examples: Swift example projects

Mixing this with C/C++ should be as simple as adding the relevant C/C++ sources to the CMake file. Accessing C code from within your Swift code is fairly straightforward (see the HelloWorld example). If you want to access C++ code directly (i.e. without going through a C interface), you would need to turn on experimental C++ interoperability. With a little bit of work and some caveats, you can also call Swift code from C or C++.

My original project is a c++ project, that uses CMake
If that’s what you understood then I am confused