[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - OS X (master) #11472


[FAILURE] oss-swift-incremental-RA-osx [#11472]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Thu, 23 Apr 2020 15:12:47 -0500
Build duration:
2 min 47 sec


  • Commit 273a4ef4f7e87703f13c0240675fe66d0068bba5 by anders:
    SwiftPM 5.2 introduced a regression that caused a semantic change in how

    • edit: Tests/PackageLoadingTests/PackageBuilderTests.swift
    • edit: Sources/PackageLoading/TargetSourcesBuilder.swift
  • Commit d124fac903b86d93ab9774f19922bca708634554 by anders:
    Add a test that files with unknown extensions are treated as compilable

    • edit: Tests/PackageLoadingTests/PackageBuilderTests.swift
  • Commit 97c9b71f9db40b0fdb6dc85dd55fe301a648a5d4 by github:
    Fixes info about internal _FixedArray16 in

    • edit: docs/StandardLibraryProgrammersManual.md
  • Commit 220f0ccde8c0245f19b75bc349df3f7de222fc51 by david_smith:
    Untag tagged constant NSString pointers before we wrap them, so

    • edit: stdlib/public/stubs/FoundationHelpers.mm
    • edit: stdlib/public/core/StringBridge.swift
  • Commit b6e46677e7125ccc771abb0984d9f9025452a9d3 by github:
    Fixes doc comment in UnsafeRawBufferPointer.swift.gyb

    • edit: stdlib/public/core/UnsafeRawBufferPointer.swift.gyb
  • Commit 39ddc67c3acbb04aafb1663db93129677f6a7535 by 1094986+edymtt:
    [build] copy Python detection code into StandaloneOverlays.cmake

    • edit: cmake/modules/StandaloneOverlay.cmake
  • Commit 5b5ec1dbd3388e85c62bfe64482176b51ec72256 by tachoknight:
    Implicit use of fails with Clang 10

    • edit: include/IndexStoreDB/Database/IDCode.h