[Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - LLDB Incremental - Ubuntu 14.04 (master) #1745


[FAILURE] oss-lldb-incremental-linux-ubuntu-14_04 [#1745]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Sat, 27 Apr 2019 02:06:35 -0500
Build duration:
3 hr 5 min

Identified problems:

  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:
  • Swift Compile Error: Swift compiler error


  • Commit 289f8eed4f00eac75902d76addd1cbd551637a1c by bruno.cardoso:
    [Modules] Move FILE_SYSTEM_OPTIONS to the unhashed control block

    • edit: include/clang/Serialization/ASTBitCodes.h
    • edit: lib/Serialization/ASTWriter.cpp
    • edit: lib/Serialization/ASTReader.cpp
  • Commit c609f16f149a94687d7dc41c64bef05c2f6f5077 by arphaman:
    [driver][macOS] Link libarclite from the default toolchain when clang is

    • add: test/Driver/arclite-link-external-toolchain.c
    • edit: lib/Driver/ToolChains/Darwin.cpp
  • Commit 456ed5072b4226dc13b3cec34480057d4ebe11b0 by apl:
    [ExpressionParser] Correctly find repl_swift on Windows

    • edit: source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Swift/SwiftREPL.cpp
  • Commit ea555511a81e640caaa930125604d916a9332a42 by suyashsrijan:
    [typechecker] allow a throwing @objc function to return Unmanaged

    • edit: test/attr/attr_objc.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDeclObjC.cpp
  • Commit b67d23642dfb23405d91f17c81e5cc71acf4753d by suyashsrijan:
    [test] Adds an IRGen test

    • add: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit b0ab515f8fdfb4109f93a20e319f99d2fef2669d by suyashsrijan:
    [test] Updates IRGen test file

    • edit: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit 77b6b1b1519aaf0610fb6f72e95265b5f00483d1 by suyashsrijan:
    [test] remove -primary-file flag as it's not needed

    • edit: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit a1ffae5c10aefab1d396a8452249ea3a6ba28368 by suyashsrijan:
    [test] Update IRGen test with patterns, etc

    • edit: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit 8bdc9168322704eee3078e8f57d867f915f758dd by suyashsrijan:
    [test] Update IRGen test

    • edit: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit 42847a488badedcd028579b18731a7e58e9e9842 by suyashsrijan:
    [Test] Trim CHECK-LABEL

    • edit: test/IRGen/unmanaged_objc_throw_func.swift
  • Commit ffc26fb4d0e15ac4ceeb175cb388178c11009bfa by spestov:
    SILGen: Allocating entry points for @objc dynamic inits should use

    • add: test/Interpreter/objc_metatypes.swift
    • edit: test/SILGen/objc_dynamic_init.swift
    • edit: lib/SILGen/SILGenConstructor.cpp
  • Commit 1f37941b2618dd3227c0977bf96ad2f79a95238d by spestov:
    SILGen: Always reference allocating entry points when calling class

    • edit: test/SILGen/dynamic_self.swift
    • edit: lib/SILGen/SILGenApply.cpp
    • edit: test/SILGen/objc_dynamic_init.swift
  • Commit b3dd978d66ca167a517f2384f547695dc15642a2 by david_smith:
    Add a benchmark for bridging String(contentsOfFile:...)

    • edit: benchmark/single-source/ObjectiveCBridging.swift

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