Swift bugs are moving to GitHub Issues and we need your help!

I added these fields to my profile about two weeks ago and have not received an invitation as far as I can see. I checked GitHub as well as both forums.swift.org and bugs.swift.org for anything I might be missing. Has this been delayed?

Nor have I.

@wowbagger @Jon_Shier They will sent soon, later today (PST).

After transition can the mapping be moved to non public or removed? It's part of the public profile.

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I think you meant to tag @woolsweater instead.

Yes, we will remove it from public view.

Argh, I just noticed this today... Any chance to get an exception? My username on both JIRA and GitHub is CharlesJS

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@mishal_shah Sorry, I'm not seeing an invite?

We ran into rate limit issue with the invites, we are working on resolving the issue with GitHub.


Using the mapping information from the forums profile, we have sent out the invite for the swift-issues-migration organization on GitHub. If you have not received the invite, please direct message me.

Invite can be found directly on GitHub:


Does it mean we can't add a new bug during April 18th -28th? (Since bugs.swift.org is in read-only mode and GitHub Issues is not available at that time)


I became aware of this migration just now as I received the invite from GitHub. I provided the mapping, but the deadline has passed already. There might be more people in the same boat as me.

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+1, I just heard of this now from a colleague. I updated my profile and tried to join the organization on GitHub, but it won’t let me. Not sure if it’s relevant though, considering the deadline has come and gone already…

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@marco.masser Invites were sent a few days ago, however I will send you invite later today.

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bugs.swift.org issues are marked read-only now. Also, today is the last day to accept the invite. Please accept the invite by 3pm PST. https://github.com/orgs/swift-issues-migration/invitation


Will it be necessary for users to turn off GitHub notifications, so that we don't receive an email for each cloned issue?

The import from JIRA to GitHub Issues should not trigger notifications.

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In the meantime, I found an ICE. Am I supposed to just remember it until GH issues become writable?

IMO it would be a good idea to start a forum topic to collect bug reports during this transition.


bugs.swift.org issues imported in to read-only repository https://github.com/swift-issues-migration/swift-issues/issues

If seen any issues please direct message me.

Thank you!
Mishal Shah


Could an autolink reference for https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-<num> be added to the new repository? For now, this would link cloned issues back to their original JIRA issues, until the redirection is implemented.

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