Swift ArgumentParser: Interactive mode

Hey @nnnnnnnn and Swift community!

I am Keith, a CS undergrad from the Hunan University of Technology. I've won Swift Student Challenge twice in WWDC20/21, and got the National Second Prize in Mobile Application Innovation Contest which hosted by Apple in China. I love Swift so much that I want to go deeper. So this year I hope to be involved in the GSoC project.

After reading the Command Line Interface Guidelines for the first time, I realized that part of the reason why the CLI of Unix, GitHub, Nvim can be so concise and elegant is their smooth interactivity. Swift as a cross-platform language also requires a more interactive user experience CLI tool. I think we can refer to pointfreeco's swift-parsing to interact with users by handling errors and and printing error messages.

Everyone is welcome to share thoughts, opinions and insights! :clap:

Best regards

Keith Bird


Anything that improves Swift for CLI tools is huge ^^

ArgumentParser has been a huge boost in this space, but I've long wanted to have something like Inquirer.js in Swift. Is this what you have in mind when you mention interactivity?


Inquirer.js looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for your advice, it helps a lot with this project.

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@KeithBirdKTH Happy to see your interest in Swift ArgumentParser — we look forward to your GSoC proposal! If you run into questions while you're preparing, please don't hesitate to reach out, either in the forums or via DM.