Swift application Logs in windows


I have some question about the Swift application for Windows

Does the Swift platform generate logs?

If yes, how to enable the logs, what is their format?

How to send these logs to the SIEM?

I'm not sure that this is a compiler issue. This seems more application centric?

Application logs would be inherently application specific. Could you explain what logging you are trying to route please.

As to streaming to SIEM, I don't think that there is any infrastructure for that, but seems like a good thing to add to swift-logging!

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swift-log (Apple/swift-log if that’s the one you mean) is just an API package, it should not get specific backends.

Any new logging backend should be made as a separate small package. Having that said, a logger backend to whichever way is idiomatic on windows would be very nice!

Ah, got it! Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!

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