Swift 5.7 / Xcode 14 incremental build time 10x slower than Swift 5.6 / Xcode 13

After adding or removing this setting you should clean build folder (CMD+Shift+K). Otherwise code changes could be ignored.

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I found that it could be caused a missed dependency for an SPM internal module. Swift itself somewhat trying to solve this situation implicitly at a build rather than fall with appropriate error, and this looks like a trade off for that.

Came to this forum post after suffering slow build times for months... since the original post is quite dated by now, does anyone know if the issue was officially recognized and has a planned fix in a future version of Xcode?

...and thank you, I cannot stress how ridiculously slow build times had gotten for our project. Definitely non-linear increase for each new Swift file added to the existing mix of Obj-C and Swift files.