Swift 5.7.3 docker image missing libpython3.10 for ubuntu 22.04

The 5.7.3 docker image is missing library "libpython3.10" for ubuntu 22.04. Without it the swift repl will not run. As a workaround I have had to add it manually.

It might be worth reporting this here GitHub - apple/swift-docker: Docker Official Image packaging for Swift

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I went ahead and reported it there - `swift repl` broken on Ubuntu images, appears to require libpython-dev · Issue #331 · apple/swift-docker · GitHub, referencing the earlier thread with all the various discussion detail. I'm not sure of the specific libraries that need to ideally get updated, but figured this would at least track it.

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I see that the fix has been merged into the main branch. When does Docker Hub get updated?

It will need to be cherry picked into the next Linux release whenever that opens - cc @mishal_shah

Thank you. For now I will just have to add the correct python library to my container.