Swift 5.3 release process

The Swift 5.3 release process has been posted on Swift.org:


The branch date from master is April 20.


We are going to use new branch names for the Swift 5.3 release and these are the dates when we are planning on branching from master.

Repository Branch Branch date
indexstore-db release/5.3 March 27, 2020
sourcekit-lsp release/5.3 March 27, 2020
swift-tools-support-core release/5.3 March 27, 2020
swift-llbuild release/5.3 March 27, 2020
swift-package-manager release/5.3 March 27, 2020
swift release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-cmark release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-corelibs-foundation release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-corelibs-libdispatch release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-corelibs-xctest release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-integration-tests release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-stress-tester release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-syntax release/5.3 April 20, 2020
swift-xcode-playground-support release/5.3 April 20, 2020
llvm-project swift/release/5.3 April 20, 2020


W.r.t. the announced goal of supporting Windows and other Linux distributions: Does this include the Swift Package Manager?


Curious if Amazon Linux 2 will be included in support.

It would be great to see what the managers are thinking "additional Linux distributions" will translate to.

I know there is already some Fedora support in terms of an RPM (as far as I can tell is in the official Fedora repository there was even an article about it on the Fedora Magazine). I think it would be great if we helped @Ron_Olson (e.g., tachoknight) by seeing if some of the patches he has to maintain could be mainlined.

Selfishly I would like to see the build and test environment for the 5.3 branch work with Python 3. To me, this is increasingly a hurdle to build Swift on different distributions. There seem to be a bunch of patches for master to fix Python 3 compatibility. It would be great to see those cross the finish line go in master and then get back ported to 5.3.

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I'm probably too late for 5.3, but for future reference is there a recommended path for proposing cherry picks to release branches? I submitted 2 a few months ago and never heard anything:


I assumed that all the changes with the r5.3 label would be triaged at some point.

My apologies, this was a mistake on the part of the branch managers. We'll pick these up for the next point release, and see how we can improve our tools/processes so this doesn't happen again.



No problem! Thanks for merging them!