Swift 5.2.5 for Linux

Announcing Swift 5.2.5 for Linux

We are happy to announce the release of Swift 5.2.5 for Linux.

On behalf of the Swift community, I'd like to thank the folks who made this release possible.

New downloads are available on [swift.org]. Official Docker images will be available soon.

With this release, we are also adding official support for CentOS 7.

Release Notes


[5.2] SR-12275: JSONEncoder on Linux can't encode number JSON fragments [#2840]

[5.2] SR-13015: Decimal calculation incorrect on Linux [#2841]

[5.2] improve URLError returned upon task cancellation [#2842]

[5.2] fix convenience accessors on CocoaError and URLError [#2843]


[5.2] Don't pass / as default sysroot on Linux [#2807]


[5.2] [tibs] Detect clang index support using -help instead of --version [#106]

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