Swift 5.1 release process

(Ted Kremenek) #1

The Swift 5.1 release process has been posted on Swift.org:

One important date is March 18, 2019, which is the planned last cut of Swift 5.1 from master development.

(Adrian Zubarev) #2

Can we expect Swift 5 to be officially released until the mentioned date?

(Ted Kremenek) #3

Swift 5.0 is seeding (in Xcode 10.2) and is taking specific bug fixes at this point. It will be declared GM when Xcode 10.2 is released. Swift 5.0 branched from master on November 16, so there are several months of development work on the master branch that will be part of Swift 5.1 compared to Swift 5.0. Major changes, aside for critical fixes for ABI stability, stopped getting pulled into Swift 5 a while ago.

(Thomas Krajacic) #4

Is there any particular reason that there are no 5.1 snapshots available from the swift.org site yet? The cut-off date was almost a month ago so the 5.1 branch should be fairly stable, no? It would be nice to be able to start testing against Swift 5.1 snapshots.

(Ted Kremenek) #5

CC @mishal_shah

These will start getting posted in the next 24-48 hours. Thanks for bringing this up.

(Diggory Laycock) #6

The swift evolution readme could do with updating as well.

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(Ted Kremenek) #7

I agree. The Swift 5.1 release process covers the next immediate focus area, which is complementing ABI stability with module stability, plus general improvements to Swift, but the README should be updated to reflect that. I'll try and get to that in within a few days.