Swift 5.0 test failures on PowerPC



Built and verified Swift 5.0 master on PowerPC(powerpc64le). I was able to run all the samples given in https://swift.org/getting-started/ which confirms that 'swiftc'(Swift compiler), REPL environment and LLDB debugger are working correctly. Also package manager seems to work fine. Built a sample package using the ported Swift 5.0 binaries.

I also invoked the build-toolchain to run the tests as well :-
utils/build-toolchain srtbundle --test

Following is the current status of the tests which are failing so far:-
4 warning(s) in tests.
Testing Time: 1774.53s

Failing Tests (19):
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: ClangImporter/cfuncs_parse.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Driver/sanitizers.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Driver/fuzzer.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/class_resilience_objc.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/big_types_corner_cases.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/clang_inline_opt.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/errors.sil
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/objc_simd.sil
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/objc_properties_jit.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: IRGen/pic.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Index/Store/output-failure.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Interpreter/generic_casts.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: ParseableInterface/ModuleCache/force-module-loading-mode-archs.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: ParseableInterface/ModuleCache/force-module-loading-mode-framework.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: ParseableInterface/ModuleCache/force-module-loading-mode.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Runtime/linux-fatal-backtrace.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Sanitizers/tsan.swift
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: remote-run/upload-stderr.test-sh
Swift(linux-powerpc64le) :: Sanitizers/witness_table_lookup.swift

Expected Passes : 10116
Expected Failures : 50
Unsupported Tests : 1341
Unexpected Failures: 19

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Around 5 tests fail with " FileCheck error: '-' is empty. "
Tried adding " -allow-empty " to the FileCheck command line: build/buildbot_linux/llvm-linux-powerpc64le/bin/FileCheck. Still the tests fails on subsequest steps.
The failing tests are:-

(Jordan Rose) #3

Most of the "'-' is empty" failures mean that the compiler crashed or exited before it output anything to FileCheck, so you'll have to look at the tests in a little more detail.