Swift 5.0 Nightly Development Snapshots!

Swift 5.0 nightly development snapshots now available on Swift.org - Download Swift.


it's great! :crazy_face:

Just to quickly double check, do I need the latest beta version of Xcode or can I use the snapshot with the stable Xcode 10.1?

There is no current Xcode beta.

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Ups, you're right. Probably the old assumption that there is always a new beta when there is a beta for iOS. Never mind then.

I can't find the "Unlove" button. Hurry up, Apple. Be faster!

good job.

Xcode uses it just fine, but is there a way to build in Swift 5 mode? Otherwise I assume I'm using the compiler in 4.2 mode according to project settings.

The unlove button is just hitting the love button again. You can't unlove something after a while (an hour?) though, so if you change your mind later you're still stuck with the big red heart on the post.

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Did you find a way? I asked the same question here.

See: How to set Swift version 5 (for recent dev snapshots) in Xcode build settings? - #5 by Aciid

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If anyone is interested in trying out Swift 5.0 on AArch64/Linux you can download the latest AArch64 dev builds here - Swift 5.0 AArch64 development snapshots
I will be doing weekly releases for Ubuntu 16.04.
There are also releases for Ubuntu 18.04 but less frequently.
Dev snapshots for Swift for TensorFlow on Ubuntu 16.04 are also available.

sudo apt-get installs of dev builds available here - https://packagecloud.io/swift-arm/dev-builds


Is there interest in nightly snapshots for the Windows build off of the 5.0 branch? The current nightlies are based off of master as I am still working through the last of the test failures. Setting up the additional build is easy, the question is, is it valuable?