Swift 5.0 Nightly Development Snapshots!

(Mishal Shah) #1

Swift 5.0 nightly development snapshots now available on https://swift.org/download/#snapshots.

(Ole G ) #2

it's great! :crazy_face:

(Adrian Zubarev) #3

Just to quickly double check, do I need the latest beta version of Xcode or can I use the snapshot with the stable Xcode 10.1?

(Jon Shier) #4

There is no current Xcode beta.

(Adrian Zubarev) #5

Ups, you're right. Probably the old assumption that there is always a new beta when there is a beta for iOS. Never mind then.

(Tony Arnold) #6

I can't find the "Unlove" button. Hurry up, Apple. Be faster!

(发抖喵小咪) #7

good job.

(Jon Shier) #8

Xcode uses it just fine, but is there a way to build in Swift 5 mode? Otherwise I assume I'm using the compiler in 4.2 mode according to project settings.

(Nobody1707) #9

The unlove button is just hitting the love button again. You can't unlove something after a while (an hour?) though, so if you change your mind later you're still stuck with the big red heart on the post.

(Jens Persson) #10

Did you find a way? I asked the same question here.

(Ankit Aggarwal) #11

See: How to set Swift version 5 (for recent dev snapshots) in Xcode build settings?