Swift 5.0.2

Announcing Swift 5.0.2 for Linux

We are happy to announce the release of Swift 5.0.2 for Linux, the bug fix release originally planned for mid-June. Thanks for patiently waiting for this release as we backported fixes.

On behalf of the Swift community, I’d like to thank the folks who made this release possible. Thank you to everyone who backported fixes, reviewed PRs, and pored through build logs.

New downloads are available on swift.org. Official Docker images will be updated shortly. The release notes are below.

Because this release took longer than anticipated we’ll be targeting Swift 5.0.3 for mid-August rather than mid-July. Watch this space for another post with key dates.

Release Notes



  • Provide a custom entry for specifying module cache paths (swift-clang#324)



Known Issues

  • On macOS, Xcode 10.2.1 is required to build a toolchain.
  • On macOS Catalina beta the toolchain may appear as unsigned (SR-11133). We are working with the Notary Service team to resolve this issue.

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