Swift 5.0.1 Image

(Aaron Sky) #1

Hey folks–

With the new Swift 5.0.1 version dropping inside Xcode 10.2.1, are there any plans to make this release available in the open source project, and additionally as a Docker image? Or is that largely a support version for Swift inside Xcode?

(Jonathan Prescott) #2

Everything about Swift is open-source (integration into Xcode is not). If I recall, 5.0.1 is the recent Linux bug fix version that is being led by @johannesweiss. I think there is a Docker image already built, if not, I think it is being built and submitted.

I think the version of Swift you are referencing in your post is Swift 5.1, not 5.0.1. The 5.1 release is/will be in the Swift repository and is/will be an official release of the language and environment, so there will be images built for the supported environments. I think Docker images for the supported versions of Linux are built as part of the release process now, but, I'm not sure. Not much of a Linux user.

(Aaron Sky) #3

I am certain the version I am speaking of is Swift 5.0.1. When I downloaded Xcode 10.2.1 and ran swift --version, it returned Swift 5.0.1. There are bug fixes to the Swift compiler represented in the Xcode 10.2.1 release notes, but no changes to the language afaik.

(Johannes Weiss) #4

Swift 5.0.1 in Xcode 10.2.1 dropped today :slight_smile:. And there will Linux builds and Docker images available shortly.

Irregardless of that, we will be releasing monthly Linux 5.0.x bug fix releases as announced before. Right now, we're preparing the April 2019 release which will likely be called 5.0.2 :slight_smile:.

(Jonathan Prescott) #5

I just verified what you have stated. I think there is going to be some confusion between Darwin 5.0.1 and the open-source/Linux 5.0.1. The other convention could be that Apple Swift 5.0.1 is Apple's designation for Apple Swift (open-source Swift 5.0/5.1 plus the Apple-specific stuff added for Xcode integration and integration with Apple frameworks). If you run clang --version, you'll see that Apple clang is versioned to be 10.0.1, but the base clang is LLVM 8.x.y (I think, it may be 7.x.y). It's unfortunate that both versions, Apple and Linux fixes, are both labeled 5.0.1 now because I do not think they are the same at all.

(Johannes Weiss) #6

@jonprescott Is the Linux 5.0.1 version out yet? @mishal_shah is the expert on the release process and the version numbers here.

(Johannes Weiss) #7

Sorry, too much confusion. Swift 5.0.1 for Linux is now out too, docker images should follow shortly.