Swift 4.2.1

(Pierpaolo Frasa) #1

My mac wants me to upgrade to Xcode 10.1, which will include Swift 4.2.1.
However, I can't find any mention of that swift version either on the download page or in the changelog.

My worry is that I (or any of my team members) update to Swift 4.2.1, write some code that passes locally and then try to push it onto CI where it will fail because 4.2.1 might include some bugfix or new functionality that isn't present on version 4.2—or even worse, there will be subtle behavioural differences between the local version and the one deployed on the server.

Would it be possible to update the changelog and add the Swift 4.2.1 release (also for Ubuntu) to the downloads page?

(Jeremy David Giesbrecht) #2

It also caused minor confusion for me earlier today.

Oddly enough, you can successfully download it by manually entering a 4.2.1 download URL according to the pattern established by the links for other versions. There is just no entry on the page itself. For this reason, I suspect swiftenv and similar tools can already access 4.2.1 too (though I don’t have my Linux machine with me right now to try).

(Jeremy David Giesbrecht) #3

Here are the links for now:

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 14.04

(Jeremy David Giesbrecht) #4

The downloads page at swift.org is now up to date too.

(Ben Rimmington) #5

There are known and resolved issues (for the Swift Compiler and Standard Library) in the Xcode 10.1 Release Notes.

(Kyle Murray) #6

The Xcode 10.1 release notes describe the most pertinent Swift changes.

Edit: :sweat_smile: Nice timing @benrimmington.

(Trevör Anne Denise) #7

Do we know, in terms of commits, what is included in this release?