[Survey] How do you like to interact Swift Forum on your Watch or TV if possible?

I have made a side-project to browse Swift forums with Swift based code client. And it supports all kinds of Apple device.

I‘d like to know what your top use cases are when browsing the Swift forums on your watch and TV if possible. Thanks.

Browsing post, giving a like to a post or checking your private message?

GitHub - Kyle-Ye/Forumate: A native client to access Discourse server for Apple Platforms

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I don't have a watch or TV but do update us when it releases on the app store, I've been contemplating making my own out of annoyance but I'd much rather use yours!


Of course. And actually you can download the macOS version right now on GitHub Release or join TestFlight for all other platforms.

The missing part is some UX design, account system and message system. Hope we can reach to 1.0 and release it officially before 2024.

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I've joined the TestFlight and like it so far! I'll try to find some time to contribute!

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