Support for Date?

I needed to use a date argument and was surprised that none is provided. I added the following extension, which works very well. It uses the default locale short format, but if there was support, the format could be specified as an attribute.

extension Date: ExpressibleByArgument {
    public init?(argument: String) {
        let formatter = DateFormatter()
        formatter.dateStyle = .short
        guard let date = argument) else {
            return nil
        self = date
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That looks like a great solution! You can also always pass a function as the transform parameter whenever you need to customize the parsing of an individual argument. Something like this would let you specify the format at the declaration site:

func parseDate(_ formatter: DateFormatter) -> (String) throws -> Date {
    { arg in
        guard let date = arg) else {
            throw ValidationError("Invalid date")
        return date

let shortFormatter = DateFormatter()
shortFormatter.dateStyle = .short

// .....later
@Argument(transform: parseDate(shortFormatter))
var date: Date
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