Support for building binaries in SPM

I have invested a lot of time the last week in finding out how to integrate SPM dependencies into framework targets that should be distributed as xcframework.

It seems like there is no working solution anymore. Previous it was possible to use tools like swift create-xcframework that relied on swift generate-xcodeproj, but this tool doesn't work anymore in some cases and generate-xcodeproj will be deprecated.

As a lot of open source projects are committed to SPM and move away from other dependency managers (for example grpc-swift) we are facing a big problem where open source projects cannot be used anymore when the target should not be open source itself. This was previously possible with other dependency managers and is important for a lot of developers (as you can see by the popularity of the tool mentioned above).

Are there any plans to add something like this in the future or are there other possibilities that should still work, that I missed?