Suggestion to change type casting to a system module function ala Modula-2

I would like to recommend a lesson learned in Modula-2. The means of casting types is usually hardware dependent so it and all the data size dependent types should be isolated to a "System" Module for ease of porting. The method of casting using intVariable := (int)insignedIntVariable was replaced in Modula-2 when it became apparent that there was no simple way to search for instances of casting. The solution was to use a function from the System Module to perform the cast as in intVariable := Cast(unsighnedIntVariable). Now one need only search for the name "Cast" to find every instance easily.

Swift doesn't have casting of this type. You "cast" between numeric types by invoking constructors.

Swift already has a dedicated function for casting between integer types. It is called numericCast().

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I didn't know about that function. Learn something new...