Strictly Typed NIO Channels (Swift 5.7)

Hey Everyone,

I've been reading through evolution and found this gem that would greatly benefit NIO Channels as demonstrated on my twitter.

I think it's a great addition to have type-checked NIO pipeines, and found it incredibly straightforward to setup more complex workflows. Is this something that can land in swift-nio itself? If so, I'll make a PR. I'm otherwise also happy to publish the package I've been working on.


We'd certainly be happy to take a look at it as a component for NIO channel construction. Feel free to open a PR that we can use as a discussion point. I would also encourage you to release a package anyway, even though we may eventually land it in NIO, as it's much easier for users to prototype or get started early by depending on a package you produce than by trying to depend on a PR branch or a fork.


Will do!


The code is available here: GitHub - orlandos-nl/Omnibus: Add Strictly Typed NIO Channel Builders for Swift 5.7
I've adde a unit test to showcase how I use it, and I've commented out the NIOSSH dependency & test, but left it as a sample. I'll work this out a bit more before I make the PR.


Sounds great!