Still on windows , can i start learning swift?


I am Amit, i am a long time developer using windows platform , now i want to move to iOs development for business reasons, i still have a PC at my disposal my iMac or Mac Mini(2018 new one) will come in a month's time,meanwhile can i start learning swift on a windows's PC, if so kindly guide...

I have worked on JavaScript, .NET in past .

Thanks a lot ..


I haven't tried Swift on Windows (may not be possible yet) but you might be better off installing Linux on your machine (partition) and try to run Swift from there.


@Les_Pruszynski - thanks , i will give it a try , i have started to read swift documentation and find it very useful, hope to take more guidance from you in future ...


As one more option, it should be possible to use Docker for Windows to run a Linux version of Swift on a Windows machine. Might be more than sufficient for a start.


@moiseev - thanks ,first time i am coming to know about docker, will surely read the documentation , seems very detailed and let you know ...


Also you can try to download Ubuntu Bash from Windows Store, and install Swift.

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Online Swift Playground is a good no configuration way to play around with Swift in a browser

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@HarshilShah - thanks looks very good seems similar environment to me as Jsbin in javascript...

@timnazar - thanks i will read up the documents of that ....


@amitsrivastava there is also which is very similar to online swift playground mentioned by @HarshilShah


It is possible to play with swift on Windows, however, the REPL isn't really ready yet AFAIK, and there are a few missing patches that are needed for it to work. However, note that you will not be able to do iOS development with this, because that requires iOS specific components which are not part of swift and are not available on Windows.


Has anyone tried using RemObject Elements/Water for Windows? It was my understanding that using the Swift compiler was free.

Yes, I have and I really recommend it for anyone who wants to try out Swift language on the Windows platform.

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