Status of the SourceKit-LSP extension for Visual Studio Code?

I'm seeing a few people asking how they get code completion for their Linux and WebAssembly projects (which unfortunately Xcode doesn't support), and seems like SourceKit-LSP is the best option for that. I personally use Visual Studio Code, which is what I usually recommend in these situations. The only problem is that there's no official SourceKit-LSP extension published on the Visual Studio marketplace. I either have to direct people to the unofficial build of the extension (which I hope is legit, but there's no easy way to verify it doesn't distribute malicious code) or to the source build instructions, both of which are not ideal.

I think that effort put into this issue will help to increase Swift's adoption in the cross-platform setting. Is there any roadmap/timeline for when the Visual Studio Code extension will be officially published on the marketplace? Is there any other way this installation process could be simplified?


The core team should support this VSCode extension, either directly or indirectly to help better Swift adoption.

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I totally agree, but it currently doesn't look like (at least from the publicly available info) that "support" here includes publishing the extension on the marketplace, which is what my question is about.


Hi @blangmuir, would you be able to provide any information with regards to this? Thanks!

Hi @Max_Desiatov,

Thanks for bringing this up. I agree that having to build the extension from source creates friction for users, particularly if they do not already use node/npm.

This is a question for @tkremenek as Swift project lead.

We're going to look into this.

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@blangmuir @tkremenek Is there any news on when we might see a published release of the Visual Studio Code extension?

On Linux, installing from source isn’t too hard, but now that Windows support is maturing, I really want to avoid forcing new users to install NPM, just to build a Visual Studio Code extension.

In an ideal scenario, we would have one official Visual Studio Code extension to support Swift. This could also include functionality like, so new users can create an executable package (already configured with tasks.json and launch.json) from within Visual Studio Code.

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