Status of swift-testing on windows/linux


We're interested in moving to swift-testing for our cross platform project, so we can take advantage of consistent tests across our Mac, Windows and Debian CI bots (via SPM). Im seeing conflicting info though on requirements to implement this. Are these still supported only via swift 6 nightlies? Or can they be run from the current swift 5.10 releases on Windows and Linux?


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Hi @mikewoodworth, please see the documentation updates we landed in #466 as well as my Forum post from a couple months ago. Swift 6 development snapshot toolchains are required to build swift-testing now, and our intention is to release the first stable version in alignment with Swift 6.

If you've seen conflicting information, please let us know where, so we can try to correct that! It's possible we overlooked some places that need to be updated.

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