State of Swift / Objective C multi language DocC files

Enhancing the DocC generated documentation for a very large source tree consisting of Swift (about 20%) and Obj-C (about 80%). Only getting document in Swift format (for both Swift and bridged Obj-C header files). No Language option in the upper right of final documentation archive. I have a small multi-language test app that does produce document archive in both languages. Using Swift 5.7 w/ Xcode 14.2

Wondering about current state of generating Swift & Obj-C documentation for larger projects. Are others encountering this issue?

You can check some context here Extending Swift-DocC to support Objective-C documentation - #16 by CGRect

One thing to lookout for is that Xcode only processes installed public headers for framework targets. You should file a feedback at for Xcode specific issues.

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