[SSWG Update] Logging and log level guidelines

Hello everyone,
I’d like to share a small guide we worked on recently with fellow server side work group members: Swift Server / Log Levels.

It is a small writeup of best practices and recommendations with regards to building server-side applications that use Apple / Swift Log. They collect patterns and lessons learnt from other ecosystems and also our practical experience from using Swift on the server.

If you’re building libraries of frameworks for the server ecosystem, we recommend you give the guide a read!

Having that said, for every rule there are exceptions; and we attempted to to cover those as well in the document, however if you find yourself in some tricky situation with regards to what log level or logging pattern to use in your server library, feel free to reach out here and we can have a discussion and potentially even expand or revise the guidelines!

Looking forward to working with everyone on polishing those up and keeping the server ecosystem a nice coherent experience across all major libraries :slight_smile:

— ktoso

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