SSWG - May 22, 2024

SSWG meeting notes - May 22, 2024


Swift Lambda VSCode extension

We've got two guests Steven Van Impe & Marwane Koutar (AWS internship @sebsto was the mentor).
They created a VSCode extension to facilitate the development of a Swift Lambda function.

Live demo

  • templates to initialize a project, such as API to Lambda
  • utilizes a Makefile to bundle a zip file & the binary
  • local invoke feature: test the Lambda functions locally
  • automatic deployment from the VSCode extension
  • remote invoke: call the deployed lambda function remotely

Swift Lambda VSCode extension

Extension is publicly available: just search for - Swift Lambda.

  • Source is under swift-on-server-community @ GitHub
  • Custom template support, everyone can create templates
  • Early sneak peak, feedbacks are appreciated

2024 goals

Concurrency & Structured Concurrency adoptions

Swift 6



  • Apple interested in taking over Swiftly project - WIP @FranzBusch

HTTP server and middlewares



Josh Elkins


  • Re-introduction to the workgroup members
  • Upcoming product launch around September
  • Can't commit time to SSWG until the end of the summer


  • It is valuable to provide feedbacks and keep attending the meetings

Swift version support


  • Swift projects support the last 3 versions or the versions from when they were released



  • Recent forum thread about Swift benchmarks - link1, link2


  • Idea:
    • Baseline benchmark, that we run somewhere or give instructions how to run it
    • Share the results with the compiler team + optimize based on the results
    • For example an http workload or something similar


  • NIO HTTP server benchmark instead of Vapor benchmarks
  • NIO optimization with ownership modifiers for example
  • Framework level benchmarking brings in too much complexity


  • Benchmarking goals:
    1. Make compiler folks to work on the issues
    2. Actually improve the numbers


  • Propose to roll benchmarking into the SSWG goal this year.


  • Do we want to benchmark AWS Lambdas?


  • Already benchmarking HB & Vapor inside Lambdas, common use-case, but no exact method




  • Maybe a good candidate for an upcoming meetup around September?


  • I have a contact there, I can ask about this. - SSWG related pages



  • Why choose vapor or hummingbird? (pros / cons)


  • Listing companies is going to be problematic, listing other tutorial sites should be fine.


Action items


:a: @finestructure to share more details about Swift 6 testing process
:a: @taylorswift , @FranzBusch triage _NIODataStructures compiler crash
:a: @FranzBusch to add explanation for last-three-versions toolchain requirement to
:a: @Joannis_Orlandos to make forums post promoting 1 guides
:a: @Joannis_Orlandos , @taylorswift to make announcement about swiftonserver + swiftinit docs integration


:a: @finestructure provide Swift 6 test results for Apple & SSWG repos
:a: @ktoso investigate task group crash
:a: @ktoso @FranzBusch announce new SSWG members
:a: @ktoso ask about showcase & upcoming meetup candidate around September
:a: @taylorswift @FranzBusch triage _NIODataStructures compiler crash
:a: @FranzBusch send an invitation to @tib for the HTTP server middleware repository
:a: @FranzBusch add explanation for last-three-versions toolchain requirement to
:a: @Joannis_Orlandos make forums post promoting guides
:a: @Joannis_Orlandos @taylorswift make announcement about + integration
:a: @sebsto @tiborbodecs review and update deployment guides (AWS & others)
:a: @tiborbodecs and @Joannis_Orlandos update website SSWG related pages