SSWG - March 27, 2024


Previous Action Items

  • :a: Integrated example: @tiborbodecs to take ownership. Discuss next meeting for more specific details with @FranzBusch.
  • :a: Meetup Planning: One title confirmed - from a client of @Joannis_Orlandos, still getting a title from @0xTim. @sebsto has permission for the video to be published. Next step is for @0xTim to provide details.
  • :a: Swiftly ownership: Patrick is still the doing work that was previously scheduled for January. Carry over to next meeting to resolve with @FranzBusch.
    • @Ben_Cohen discussed about the need to simply the install experience. Also asked about usage.
    • @ktoso discussed his experience which is very positive.
    • Discussion of the use case for using nightlies.
    • @taylorswift discussed difference between download toolchain and Xcode toolchain.
  • :a: @adam-fowler has put out a PR for the HTTP server. Action for sub-group to review.
  • :white_check_mark: Swift-Prometheus fix in progress. @kotoso is tracking.
  • :a: Potential Sendable over-annotation in SwiftNIO: Carry over with @FranzBusch.
  • :white_check_mark: Goals post almost available. @ktoso owning getting this posted.
  • :a: Carry over singleton in AHC with @FranzBusch.
  • :white_check_mark: Both Vapor and Hummingbird now have proposals on the forums.

Introduction for Josh

  • Work on AWS SDK for Swift
  • Team is current targeting September for GA
  • @Ben_Cohen discussed about putting something up on the blog.
  • @Ben_Cohen asked if Binary size still a problem and offered to coordinate help if so.

VSCode Extension verification

  • Tom was looking at this.
  • :a: @Ben_Cohen needs to sync with Tom.


  • :a: @ktoso will setup a forums vote for JWTKit.
  • Propose graduated based on criteria such as production usage

try! Swift

  • Not many large companies looking but interest from small companies.
  • No complaints from the people who had used Swift on Server.
  • :a: Some feature requests from Vapor queues. @ktoso to follow up with @0xTim for this.
  • Mostly discussion about macros as the new hotness.

Lambda runtime

  • :a: @sebsto to create forums post to find maintainers.
  • @Ben_Cohen asked if we need to make the API stable on Linux to make Swift more attractive for Lambda execution