SSWG - March 1st, 2023

Attendees: @adam-fowler, @tomerd, @FranzBusch, @ktoso, @0xtim, @graskind, @davmoser

Carry over

  • @adam-fowler Graphiti and GraphQL need new async based docs - need to reach out
  • @FranzBusch to make gaps in ecosystem post public (waiting on thumbs up)
  • @davmoser - blog post for AWS sample update to swift concurrency
  • @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols
  • @tomerd Community survey
  • @tachyonics: set up middleware meeting
  • @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work
  • @patrick Swiftly - Move to the SSWG GitHub org
  • @0xTim SwiftPM support in Dependabot - working on this. Looking through old PRs will have something for next meeting
  • @jdmcd to put together a pitch for blog (Transeo scaling Swift)
  • @FranzBusch and @0xTim write 2022 Review Post

Action Points

  • @FranzBusch Start conversation on Windows CI on Slack.
  • @0xTim ask Mishal what is plan going forward for swift docker files. Are we going to use Swiftly?
  • Everyone - review ServiceLifecycle and provide feedback where necessary


AWS blog posts

  • @tomerd Difficultly finding info, need blog posts
  • @davmoser Main issue seems to be how do you deploy? SAM, CoPilot CDK, Cloudformation etc
  • @0xtim We should keep it simple and supply Deploy fargate and lambda blogs only. It is not our job to demostrate every method available.
  • @davmoser we suggest you use SAM for lambda and use CoPilot for fargate

Windows networking

  • @FranzBusch talked with Cory to discuss how we feel about proper Windows support in NIO
    • There was concern about Windows CI being available before moving forward
    • SwiftPM on Windows is also a concern
    • @tomerd - Start conversation with Mishal and others about starting Windows CI

AWS SAM CLI Rust support

  • Can we get first class support for Swift as well?
  • @davmoser Need some templates, check with AWS service team to see what they need.

Summmer of Code 2023

  • @ktoso Apple open to mentorship by people outside of Apple, If you have any suggestions or ideas for projects please provide input
  • @FranzBusch Zookeeper project, don't have any knowledge if someone else does, maybe they could take it on.
  • @ktoso month left for input

Structured Service Lifecycle

  • @FranzBusch presented code for new ServiceLifecycle
  • Looking for feedback
  • How do we get libraries using this
  • It would clean up systems that run code in background. It isn't always clear where these processes are being initiated
  • How do we get it in swift-service-lifecycle library?

No longer possible to request code coverage output path without running tests

  • Holding back Vapor CI with nightlies

VSCode Devcontainer features

  • @adam-fowler Devcontainer features are used to augment existing devcontainers
  • Many languages use features for building their devcontainer templates, unlike Swift which uses a base docker image.
  • It would mean replicating work from swift-docker repo. Work that is also possibly needed by Swiftly
  • @0xTim Are the swift-docker images going to move to using Swiftly