SSWG - March 15th, 2023

Attendees: @patrick @tomerd @ktoso @adam-fowler @FranzBusch @tachyonics @jdmcd

Carry over:

  • @davmoser - blog post for AWS sample update to swift concurrency
  • @graskind finish updating swift evolution for property wrappers in protocols
  • @0xTim to investigate slim containers based on Canonical's work
  • @0xTim SwiftPM support in Dependabot - working on this. Looking through old PRs will have something for next meeting
  • @jdmcd to put together a pitch for blog (Transeo scaling Swift)
  • @0xTim ask Mishal what is plan going forward for swift docker files. Are we going to use Swiftly?
  • @FranzBusch and @0xTim write 2022 Review Post

New action items:

  • @tomerd to raise Windows CI with the core team. SSWG is asking for help here, it's out of our scope but we want to see it happen in support of continual Windows dev environment improvements
  • @FranzBusch to update ServiceLifecycle based on feedback from all
  • @tomerd to look at Swift Ecosystem post and give a thumbs up/down
  • @adam-fowler to help migrate dev containers work to SSWG Github org
  • @patrick to post Jan 18th SSWG notes


  • Dev container features
    • Joseph Heck has been working on this, adding SQLite to dev container, foundation networking, some others. Thought it was useful and thought it would be a good idea to centralize this somewhere. Swift server community seems like a good place. No objections, @adam-fowler will sort this out.
  • Community survey
    • @tomerd asked @ktoso if he could take this over in line with other survey work he has done, @ktoso agreed as soon as he gets approval
  • Middleware meeting
    • @tachyonics did some prep work on this, will work to get a meeting setup ASAP
  • Swiftly
    • @patrick noted progress here, there's a PR for the bootstrap installation flow.
    • @adam-fowler reviewed and @patrick going to take a look
    • Next step is to get CI up and running
  • GraphQL and Graphiti docs
    • These repos need new async docs, reached out and awaiting response
  • ServiceLifecycle
    • Thanks to all who gave/are giving feedback
    • @adam-fowler tried it out in Hummingbird and it seems to work nicely
    • Once we ship this we will need to evaluate the ecosystem and libraries to see if they need to adopt it. We want the ecosystem to be cohesive with this
  • Swift Metrics
    • Want to support increment/decrement in the Gauge type but will be hard to do so without breaking the API and releasing a new major version
    • One suggestion is that a new type + deprecation of the old type would give projects time to migrate
  • Logging with task locals
    • Could get rid of the need to pass around logger if swift-log provided a task local
    • There's discussion around if we want to include the entire Logger in this task local or just the metadata
    • Johannes to file an issue for this