SSWG - July 19th, 2023 notes

July 19th, 2023 meeting notes

Attendees: @FranzBusch @tomerd @davmoser @ktoso @0xTim @adam-fowler @tachyonics @jdmcd

Action Items:

Carry overs:

  • @0xTim fixes the Slack reminder for the SSWG Agenda
  • @graskind build github action for generating the dependency graph, to be used by CodeQL
  • @franzbusch: Write response to DiscordBM pitch
  • @franzbusch, @tachyonics, @adam-fowler: Write swift evolution style proposal for common HTTP server. (carry over - a bit more work to do here)
  • @franzbusch, @tomerd work on NIOResumableUpload, PR is there, has some dependencies that need to be sorted


  • @0xtim posted a CodeQL forum post
  • NIO Async work
    • Thought we were closer to being done, but now doing a holistic work so taking a bit more time
    • Will be confident afterwards that what we have is useful. Doing a lot of prototyping
    • Async stream work - trying to push this over the line, but still in implementation phase
  • HTTP Server
    • Started with a high level API, now need to dig into the low-level implementation
  • Service Discovery 2.0
    • PR is up on the SD repo.
    • If service discovery is important to you, check out the PR so that you can help influence the shape of it
  • HTTP Types
    • There's a wrinkle with Swift NIO extras - can't merge yet because not yet 1.0
    • Maybe we can take a branch or something in the meantime?
  • Build performance
    • @graskind found an interesting bug affecting build performance on Linux under certain conditions
    • Team is looking into it
    • Thank you to @graskind for finding + reporting
  • Survey
    • Shared it with the core team back when it was first written, there was some light feedback
    • Raised it again last meeting, haven't had a chance to get to it again. Still on the agenda
  • Incubation
    • Going to take more time to write up proposals
    • Konrad is going to start working on tracing, Adam on Hummingbird, Tim on Vapor
  • Sendable conformance
    • More types landed in 5.9 - Date, URL, DateComponents, UUID.
    • Impact to call out - Darwin annotations for Sendable are different than Linux annotations. You might get Sendable warnings on one and not the other - to work around this might have to import specific types.
    • Raise PRs for other types that need conformance that are blocking projects
  • Core team meeting
    • Scheduled for August 16th.
    • Simon to start a deck for this