SSWG - January 31st 2024


@adam-fowler, @FranzBusch, @ktoso, @tachyonics, @Joannis_Orlandos, @finestructure, @0xTim, @sebsto

Previous Actions Items

  • :a: @FranzBusch to create action item for all packages from Apple that need pitching to the incubator. (carried over)
  • :a: @sebsto working on Amazon Linux 2023 support, give update to the group as progresses (carried over)
  • :a: @ktoso survey summary written up, waiting on feedback and then publish (carried over)
  • :a: @tomerd swift-aws-lambda-runtime to merge the outstanding API PR (add link) and tag 1.0 + announce (carried over)
  • :a: JWT pitch @ktoso to run the review (carried over)
  • :a: SSWG Meetups; move action item to @Joannis_Orlandos to reach out to core team
  • :a: Singleton in AHC; @FranzBusch to work with Johannes about documentation for when libraries should use the singleton
  • :white_check_mark: Swift-log and Ubuntu2023 fix has been released
  • :a: @finestructure to look at how SSWG packages can be highlighted in index

Next steps for new member interest

  • @FranzBusch suggested bumping the membership post and then discuss next time
  • @FranzBusch What is the group missing
  • @FranzBusch Need to come up with some criteria
  • :a: @ktoso to create private forums thread, come up with some questions

HB2 demo

  • General agreement the demo all looked very promising
  • @adam-fowler doesn't see any issue in splitting out the http server into a standalone package
  • :a: @adam-fowler, @FranzBusch to split out http server

Future meeting structure

  • :a: have a recurring meeting section to provide goal updates by owners