SSWG - January 17th 2024


@adam-fowler, @FranzBusch, @ktoso, @tomerd, @tachyonics, @Joannis_Orlandos , @finestructure , @0xTim

Previous Actions Items

  • :a: @FranzBusch to create action item for all packages from Apple that need pitching to the incubator
  • :a: @adam-fowler and @Joannis_Orlandos to give a demo of HB2 (carried over)
  • :a: @sebsto working on Amazon Linux 2023 support, give update to the group as progresses
  • :white_check_mark: @sebsto and @FranzBusch to run a review for [Pitch] OracleNIO: Oracle DB Driver built on SwiftNIO (carried over)
  • :a: @ktoso survey summary written up, waiting on feedback and then publish
  • :a: @tomerd swift-aws-lambda-runtime to merge the outstanding API PR (add link) and tag 1.0 + announce (carried over)
  • :a: JWT pitch @ktoso to run the review (carried over)


Windows CI

@tomerd everyone knows it is an issue. Platform group will be looking to resolve this, but is a waiting game.

OracleNIO proposal

@FranzBusch OracleNIO is reliant on CryptoSwift for PBKDF2. It is not ideal having a library dependent on unvetted crypto primitive implementations.

SSWG Meetups

@Joannis_Orlandos pretty far into planning phase, deciding on platforms to use for hosting livestreams and videos. Mainly thinking about YouTube and Twitch for live streaming and YouTube for videos. Want to add a page for discoverability.
@FranzBusch what are the legal issues for Apple, we would want to link to it from the website
@tomerd need to talk to website group. They are looking for more community content.
@ tomerd Apple folks being involved is a different question
:a: @FranzBusch reach out to Paris on including third party content in web site

Singleton in AHC

@FranzBusch Johannes Weiss wrote a PR for a shared AHC instance. It has been up for a number of months. Singletons have been implemented for a number of NIO primitives. For AHC situation is slightly different as a HTTP client has a lot of configuration.
@adam-fowler AHC is unique in that it used by other libraries. Currently libraries have to manage lifecycle of clients they create. Would be easier if default option was use singleton instead of create new client.
@tomerd do we want easy initialisation.
@FranzBusch Johannes wants a easy way to make HTTP requests
@FranzBusch we want to avoid managing the lifecycle of the client.
@tomerd once an API is introduced people will use it. Documentation is all very good. But how can we design the API to avoid library writers using it in a bad way.
:a: @FranzBusch talk to Johannes about feedback

SSWG Membership

@tomerd No community limit, company can only have 2 representatives, limit of 10 members is arbitrary.
@finestructure Include in post looking for members, encouragement to propose other people as well
@tomerd Responses can be either publicly or via DM if people prefer
:a: @ktoso Post about looking for members

Swift-log and Ubuntu2023

:a: @FranzBusch release swift-log to fix issues with ubuntu2023

Hummingbird v2 Alpha

@adam-fowler planning to do an alpha release of Hummingbird v2 in the next week. Will include main HTTP server, authentication libraries and redis and fluent integration.

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