SSWG - December 20th 2023

Meeting Notes by @tomerd

Sven. Schmidt joining the workgroup :tada:

:a:: @tomerd to make sure Sven has access to all relevant workgroup areas

Windows support - started forum thread Windows CI Support , core team discussed with Saleem but Mishal was not there, will continue when Mishal is back from OOO

  • :a:: @tomerd to update the workgroup as the core team discussion progresses

:a:: @FranzBusch to create :a: for all packages from Apple that need pitching to the incubator

:a:: @0xTim writing the incubator pitch for Vapor

:a:: define 2024 goals, pushed to the first week of Jan

  • Include middleware
  • Include Amazon Linux 2023 support
  • Include guides + examples for onboarding developers from other ecosystem

:a:: @adam-fowler and @Joannis_Orlandos to give a demo of HB2

:a:: @sebsto working on Amazon Linux 2023 support, give update to the group as progresses

:a:: @sebsto to move AWS Lambda transport for Swift OpenAPI to Swift on Server Β· GitHub

:a:: @sebsto and @FranzBusch to run a review for [Pitch] OracleNIO: Oracle DB Driver built on SwiftNIO

@ktoso is formalizing a summary of the survey the workgroup published earlier in thew year and preparing it to share with the community

We plan to use the second meeting of the year to discuss the open action items from the core team meeting

  • marketing
  • corelibs foundation migration (for the server ecosystem)
  • SwiftPM tooling improvements (for the server ecosystem)

Discussion how to increase the pool of potential contributions. Some ideas:

  • GSoC
  • meetups and conferences, perhaps a regular meetup organized by the workgroup
    • :a:: @sebsto to make a proposal on what this could look like, @Joannis to help
  • Collaboration with the contributor experience workgroup
    • :a:: @sebsto and @Joannis_Orlandos to reach out to Max D / Holly / Paris to see if there is an opportunity for cross collaboration between thew workgroups

Discussion how to deal with onboarding developers from other ecosystems, and expectation management. Some observations:

  • Some gaps in the observability space, like backend libraries, configuration with hot loading, etc
  • Missing targeted onboarding guides, eg β€œThe Swift guide for Java developers” etc
  • Missing a full fledged server example that is representative of a more full example of how a prod-like server application in Swift looks like
  • Consider use of GH instead of forums / slack for discussions, discuss with the contributor experience workgroup and then core team. Interesting projects that use GH discussions include nodes.js, composable architecture, and more
  • :a:: Discuss as part of the 2024 goals

Lambda 1.0: Merge the current API and consider integration with service lifecycle and structure concurrency

  • :a:: @tomerd to merge the outstanding API PR (add link) and tag 1.0 + announce

JWT pitch: [Pitch] JWT/JWS/JWT support kit - #3 by amosavian


December 2023, eh? :sweat_smile: