SSWG - April 24, 2024

SSWG April 24


2024 goals

  • Concurrency & Structured Concurrency adoptions @FranzBusch
    • Guide for structured concurrency
      • ongoing work
    • Overview of where we are standing with our libraries and the remaining work
  • Swift 6
    • Compatibility testing the packages @finestructure
      • we've run two passes of Swift 6 toolchains across all packages and collected error stats
      • Swift 6 preview page coming soon
    • NIO needs to finalise its Sendable annotations @FranzBusch
  • Marketing
    • Think about two guides that either need to be overhauled or created from scratch
    • Build out integrated example project
    • User group meetings @Joannis_Orlandos & @sebsto
      • first meet-up happened, cross off now
    • Show-case two server side projects/success stories
  • Tooling
    • Find a solution going forward for swiftly
  • HTTP server and middlewares @tachyonics @Joannis_Orlandos @adam-fowler @FranzBusch
    • :a: Franz to invite Tibor to HTTP server & middleware repos, he'll help
    • then we'll post announcement

Previous action items

:warning: Sven post-meeting note: these need review, I didn't catch if there were ones that are done

  • :a: Integrated: @FranzBusch @tiborbodecs to sync on integrated example
  • :a: Meet-up Planning: @sebsto To add a section for a SSWG community Q&A section
  • :a: Swiftly ownership: @FranzBusch to figure out the ownership
  • :a: @FranzBusch review HTTP server PR from @adam-fowler
  • :a: Potential Sendable over-annotation in SwiftNIO: Carry over with @FranzBusch
  • :a: Update SSWG security email membership @ktoso
  • :a: @taylorswift to produce an example for a potential DocC problem in the swift-foundation migration

Task from within task group can crash

  • @Joannis_Orlandos reports a crash around task locals when bringing up a Task from within a TaskGroup
  • :a: @FranzBusch flagged this with concurrency group, needs chasing, will follow up

Meetup recap

  • 110-120 viewers
  • 2 hours
  • went really well
  • global audience
  • a lot of interaction on the chat
  • Q&A amongst viewers, very lively
  • :a: @sebsto & @Joannis_Orlandos to post a recap to the forums
  • next one: Hummingbird intro by @adam-fowler


  • @Joannis_Orlandos needs more crypto configurability
  • has a fork that he'd rather not maintain anymore
  • @FranzBusch : Corey busy, set reminder until mid June

Ubuntu 2024 support

  • no docker images yet
  • not released yet but imminent
  • :a: @graskind to write message to platform steering group about it

New member announcements

Doc review

  • installation & setup page should move elsewhere
  • building
  • testing
  • debugging
  • deployment
  • Packaging
    • @graskind : will get more complex with Windows on the horizon
    • should be under deployment
    • @Joannis_Orlandos argument could be made that a lot of these should go to platform group
  • log levels
    :warning: Sven post-meeting note: didn't manage to follow discussion about this point
  • main server page
    • @FranzBusch @Joannis_Orlandos : should rewrite the server page as an elevator pitch about Swift on Server and then link out to guides living somewhere else
    • reduce number of guides under Server as things move into language proper
    • @Joannis_Orlandos server page not very attractive/welcoming
    • page is very text heavy
    • @taylorswift hard to make changes, should this live on the site?
    • @0xTim needs to be on really
    • @FranzBusch need owner for doc updates
    • @graskind people aren't aware of latest Swift improvements. Anecdotally, many people still think Swift is bloated, slow from very early impressions. The page should counter those false impressions.
    • @tiborbodecs and @Joannis_Orlandos will take ownership
    • add it to yearly goals to overhaul server guides
    • :a: @tiborbodecs and @Joannis_Orlandos summarise to WSWG and core team what pages we plan to update