SSWG - April 10th, 2024


2024 goals

  • Concurrency & Structured Concurrency adoptions @FranzBusch
    • Guide for structured concurrency
    • Overview of where we are standing with our libraries and the remaining work
  • Swift 6
  • Marketing
    • Think about two guides that either need to be overhauled or created from scratch
    • Build out integrated example project
    • User group meetings @joannis & @sebsto
    • Show-case two server side projects/success stories
  • Tooling
    • Find a solution going forward for swiftly
  • HTTP server and middlewares @tachyonics @Joannis_Orlandos @adam-fowler @FranzBusch

Previous Action Items

New action items

  • :a: Update SSWG security email membership @ktoso
  • :a: Everyone read through guides on - Swift on Server and discuss what needs to be updated, moved or removed
  • :a: @taylorswift to produce an example for a potential DocC problem in the swift-foundation migration


  • @Tony_Parker joined us today to talk about the plan for swift-foundation
    • Moving everything to be a package based dependency
    • Requires work in Swift PM to make this transition as smooth as possible
    • Goal is to have no API breaking changes
    • @taylorswift Brought up some potential problems with DocC
    • We can all help by testing out the swift-corelibs-foundation and swift-corelibs-xctest branch package in our packages
  • Potential 2025 goal
    • Make Swift plugins for the various soundness scripts